A great leap forward

The fourth version of the fotocasa.es app for iPhone comes with big changes. While providing a new batch of novelties, possibly the most important is the fact that it is the first time that the entire UX has been redesigned from scratch to make it more user-centric and easy to use. Something deeper than it seems. In a simplified navigation and optimized map, now the user feels the access to every function, every tool, more intuitively; each button is where it is expected to be, without surprises. Everything is easier.

To carry out this great change the GUI has also undergone a deep renovation. An exciting new start menu. More colorful and highly detailed navigation elements. More pleasant grills. A clean and practical detail page. An innovative photo viewing page in full screen. Nice and pleasant tutorials and help screens. In summary, the app now not only is more practical and simple, it is more beautiful and elegant too.

Moreover, we can not forget the number of fresh functionalities: A new text search with predictive text support. Access to the last performed search. View the properties of an area on a map. Search properties by features such as heating, terrace, cellar, pool… Search properties around POIS such as schools, transit stations, beaches, parks, monuments… More information about the property as features board, age… Synchronization of saved estates and alerts to the web of fotocasa.es.

If you are looking for an apartment and want to go to the next level with your iPhone or just want to try a good app I invite you to download it.

This app is owned by fotocasa mobile and was designed by fotocasa.es, the leading real estate portal. The brand is owned by the group Anuntis Segundamano España.

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