Crafts in the XXIst century

Fusteria Miquel is a small carpentry in Cardedeu (Barcelona) that perfectly embodies the values ​​of craftsmanship. Tradition, experience, singularity, good quality and a “special touch” that is impossible to achieve in a modern industrial production.

In the digital era is a sweet to work with a client like this.

I think in this world of “ikeas”, “zaras” and “apples” in which we live where everything is so fleeting, technologiest and cold, there is still a chance for warm items and in special, with soul. For this reason we decided to make the values ​​of craftsmanship, the distinctive brand and its communication.

Between classical and modern, the logotype tries to collect all these essential values ​​in a set full of memorable shapes.

On principle, the rest of the graph looks the same intentionally simple monochrome, but adding some inspired typing office life.

On the other hand and giving a little of color, warmth and modernity, I wanted to compliment the graphic with textures the typical and different woods they work with.

As fine layers of timber and with irregular layouts, business cards become something fun and very symbolic.

With the remaining pieces, from the “folders” to the web, we tried to exploit the value of the texture or image in conjunction with the black and white look  to create a modern and attractive graphics.

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